Who We Are
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Our History, Vision, Mission, Current Journey and our plans moving forward

Apex Harmony Lodge (AHL) is the first purpose-built Lodge for Person with Dementia (PWD) in Singapore. It is a home away from home for residents since 1999. The Lodge provides Long Term Residential Care ( LTRC) , Dementia Day Care ( DDC ) and now into Community Care for Young Onset and Early Stage Dementia ( YES) .

At Apex Harmony Lodge, we believe that PWD is a gift to all of us. PWD should enjoy the same quality of life as any individual. Guided by our mission, we make care unique and personalised for each PWD. We treat each other with Respect, Integrity, Perseverance, Passion and Devotion to provide Excellent Care to PWD.

We strive to constantly re-invent ourselves through evidence-based best practices guided by person-centred care principles. We journey with PWD enabling and empowering them to live well with their physical, emotional and social needs met. As such, AHL has undergone intensive transformation over the last 5 years. The transformation seeks to enhance quality of care through meaningful connections, seeing the world from their perspectives, understanding difficulties faced and learning to support, accommodate and facilitate them to live their preferred lifestyle. As a results, 3 specialised models of LTRC ; Assisted Living, Supported Living and Tender Loving Care evolved in response to what is best for PWD at different stages of dementia.

Learning from the intensive transformation, in the next years we will extend our services to also care for people with young onset dementia, early stage dementia and their families inside and outside of the Lodge.

An enhanced day care centre and new services of a Therapy Through Work ( TTW ) and home care will complement existing AHL services and form a holistic continuum of integrated person-centred dementia care. Every person with dementia will find the right service and support adapted to their unique situation and personality through a holistic continuum of care

To make the set of services one holistic care experience we will collaborate across the different services, learn from one another and use one integrated care plan across all initiatives.

We will strengthen the AHL brand and practices by building up and integrating evidence-based practices into our daily work.

The transformational journey brings along rich learning and discoveries. We diligently measure impacts of transformation and codify ground-up knowledge and wisdom.

In the next years we will be focusing on creating more knowledge from our day-to-day work, capturing this knowledge and sharing it with other experts and practitioners in the field, with the community and with families caring for people with dementia.

By 2020, we want to be a leading training and consultancy centre in which our expert staff will share skills, AHL culture and knowledge to inform the sector and become a benchmark in best practice dementia care, living up to our vision ``To be a living model of a home committed to lives affected by dementia’’.

Help us to normalise the lives of persons with dementia.

Your donation will enable us to continue to engage and empower our residents with our unique integrated medical and psychosocial person-centred care model to bring out the best in each person with dementia, supporting them throughout their journey with dementia and enthusing them to look forward to life!