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Dementia Daycare

A Holistic Club Experience for Persons with Dementia

Dementia Day Care

Our Dementia Day Care (DDC) is a club space where Day Care Elders (DCEs) are encouraged to socialise in an enriching and safe environment. 

We aim to provide an exclusive membership experience where members with dementia are empowered to pick up new skills through purposefully designed dementia-inclusive activities and workshops.

Our Person-Centered Approach

Working closely with you and your loved one, the care team designs an appropriate responsive care-plan taking into account functional capabilities, preferences, life history and interests.

This care plan informs the types of activities that your loved one will be invited to participate in, as well as the strategies used in care.

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A Typical Day at the DDC

In a home away from home, DCEs and their families can relax and bond through an array of activities they can choose from according to their needs and preferences.

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We provide transport services for clients living within Pasir Ris at a nominal fee, subject to availability.

Operating Hours

Monday to Friday, 8.30 AM to 5.30 PM

Admission Criteria

- FAST 4-5
- Independent in ambulation, toileting and feeding
- Attends at least 3 days per week

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Dementia Daycare

Situated in Pasir Ris, our DDC aims to provide a holistic club experience for its members.


Empowering persons with young onset and early stage dementia to continue meaningful employment

Club memorABLE

A lifestyle club for those seeking to meet like-minded people, members can enjoy regular online engagement sessions as well as specially curated outings or tours.

Join us in empowering Persons with Dementia

Your generous donation will go into helping us enable and empowering Persons with Dementia to continue a life with meaning and purpose.

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