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Dementia Day Care

The Apex Harmony Lodge Dementia Day Care (DDC) has been operating since 1999, serving about 25 Day Care Elders ( DCE ) staying within the East area. In our DDC, we want to instil a club and exclusive membership experience for our clients, for them to look forward to coming to our DDC and enjoy their time here.

Using a multi-disciplinary care approach, we work closely with Physiotherapist and Occupational Therapist to assess clients’ functional capabilities, sensory preferences and interests. Family members also provide invaluable information about their loves ones. Using the multiple sources of information, we get to know each Day Care Elder deeply, enabling person-centred care planning to design appropriate responsive program, co-create the environment best for each. Each individual’s progress is continually tracked and shared with his or her caregivers.

In our DDC, clients are invited to join a selection of vibrant activities that are intentionally designed based on clients’ specific interests and capability, for the purpose of maximizing meaningful engagement. We want to create a nurturing social environment that empowers not only the clients but also the care staff, family members and members of the community.

A Typical Day at the Daycare

In a home away from home, people with dementia and their families will have the chance to relax, and connect to each other through a wide range of activities and programs from which they can choose according to their own needs and likes.

Future Day Care Transformation

Responding to the rising needs of services for people with dementia (PWD), an expansion and enhancement of the existing Dementia Day Care is being planned for year 2019/2020. This transformation targets to support and empowering care-givers, and normalised living for DCEs to stay as long as possible in the community.

Based on our 4E approach of enable, engage, empower and enthuse, clients’ potential and salient past will be unlocked and tapped upon to meet their physical, mental, emotional and social needs. Enhanced facilities and resources will be made available in the enhanced Day Care to support PWD to continue living well. For instance, Day Care Centre will benefit from an open access to its own garden to provide more opportunities for activities and bonding. DCEs may spend more time interacting with natural surroundings, enjoying the nature or engaging in gardening activities with other elderly.

To learn more about our environment and facilities, please visit the following link to read more about it.

Bringing the Outside In, and Inside Out

Connection and collaboration with various members of the community are envisioned to be an integral part of our transformed Dementia Day Care. Family members, caregivers and volunteers are welcome to have meaningful interactions and engagement with our clients, to ensure that the facilities and amenities provided benefited from optimally.

Various organizations in the community such as schools, religious organisations, community centres and like-minded businesses will be engaged to open up their spaces and activities to our clients.

To enable more people with dementia to benefit from the transformed Dementia Day Care, and to facilitate a more active presence in the community, transportation arrangements beyond the current facility will be planned for. Programs are developed constantly to bring our clients out to the community to normalise their life like a typical elderly.

Quality of person-centred care and services will be evidence-based. Synergistic partnership with the community and families will be formed to enhance quality and consistency of care as well as empower family members. This will cultivate a culture of continuous improvement, and creation of knowledge through on-going feedback and action research collaboration.

Join us in empowering Persons with Dementia

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