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At Apex Harmony Lodge, we are constantly looking for the right talents to join hands and heart to provide quality care for people with dementia, and at the same time co-create knowledge as a team, grow as a person and professional and as courageous pathfinders in re-framing and innovating dementia care.

Guided by the Operating Philosophy, staff grows through service with potential unleashed. Structured career progression and abundance of learning and growth opportunities are available to nurture individual growth.

Available Positions:

Therapeutic Programme Executive

Executive - Corporate Development

Therapeutic Programme Assistant

Executive - Finance & Compliance

Help us to normalise the lives of persons with dementia.

Your donation will enable us to continue to engage and empower our residents with our unique integrated medical and psychosocial person-centred care model to bring out the best in each person with dementia, supporting them throughout their journey with dementia and enthusing them to look forward to life!