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As a key member of the multi-disciplinary team to provide psychological domain expertise in enhancing the physical, mental, social and emotional health holistically of the whole spectrum of people with dementia ( PWD ), living in Long Term Residential Care ( LTRC ) as well as in the community in partnership with their care-givers, help PWD to realize their fullest potential and rediscover themselves, applying  the person-centred principles.


Co-develop a sustainable dyadic model of therapy  to empower PWD to live well in the community
Build on from the current integrated model to further deepen person-centred care for PWD in LTRC and those living in the community
Strengthen internal and external partnership with knowledge partners and co-creators to innovate therapeutic models for PWD to live to their fullest potential
Enhance quality assurance management in dementia care
Codify knowledge and wisdom
Train and co-facilitate with service providers to provide services to PWD

A Basic Degree in psychology, with at least 2-3 years of experience in the field of dementia or mental health or special needs
Strong in conceptualization, planning and facilitation
Visionary, organized, consistent with strong follow-ups
Innovative, resilient, reflective, resourceful and willing to learn
Believe in person-centred care

Associate Psychologist

Help us to normalise the lives of persons with dementia.

Your donation will enable us to continue to engage and empower our residents with our unique integrated medical and psychosocial person-centred care model to bring out the best in each person with dementia, supporting them throughout their journey with dementia and enthusing them to look forward to life!