Living at the Lodge
Enhanced Environment

Living Environment at Apex Harmony Lodge

An enabling and empowering environment is instrumental in contributing to the well-being of people with dementia (PWD).

PWDs experience sensory challenges; what the person sees, hears and feels may not be accurate because the brain receives many simultaneous messages that it may not interpret accurately. This may pose difficulties in their daily activities and when they navigate their surroundings.

An empowering environment with visual prompts, accessibility, risk-free and abundant engagement meaningful to each PWD supports a PWD to live well. Staying guided by our care principles, we aim to co-create an enabling, nurturing and empowering environment for our residents. 


Design Aspects

The physical design of the Lodge focuses on 4 major components, adapted from the Person-Directed Dementia Care Assessment Tool.

1. Ambience 
An engaging and pleasant atmosphere for PWD, staff, family, and visitors, to create a homely atmosphere. Every corner of each Home has sufficient natural lighting, including the visitor’s lounge, nurse’s station, common room, and each bedroom.

2. Space Configuration 
The living spaces are cleverly configured, providing an internal and external environment that is safe, secure, and easy for residents to navigate and make the best of their remaining abilities. A variety of spaces are provided, some for quiet conversations, and some for larger group interaction, as well as spaces where residents can be by themselves.

3. Lighting, Colours/Patterns
Through the intentional use of colours, we aim to enable our residents by providing orientation cues that help minimize confusion and uncertainty. For example, contrasting colours of furniture and eye-level placing of signage. The colour of walls, the light fitting, and even toilets are carefully designed to support more independence with washing, toileting and personal hygiene, especially during the night.

4. Personalization of Individual Space
Individual spaces are provided for residents to enjoy experiences that were close to them in their early lives, through the use of familiar objects, furniture, and mementoes. This requires a deep understanding of each resident’s personal background and each resident is encouraged to be involved in personalizing his/her own space to the best of their ability.

Living Area

The Resident's lounge where the magic of Activities of Daily Living takes place.

Communal Area

Open area for all residents to busk in the sun and enjoy a good breath of nature

Personal Area

Providing good living conditions with customizable attributes around their personal area

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