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Intergenerational Bonding Programme

Intergenerational Bonding Programme (IGBP)

1. Introduction to IGB

With Person-Centred Care (PCC) as the main philosophy of care, Apex Harmony Lodge hopes to provide integrated, holistic and enabling care for our residents. Having social psychology as one core component of care, we value the importance of building positive relationships for them. However, many of our residents do not have the opportunity to keep in touch with people living in the community as they might not have a close relationship with their family or they are unable to attend in-community programmes due to deterioration in physical functioning. Hence, the Intergenerational Bonding (IGB) strand hopes to provide the platform for residents to stay connected to our society through constant interactions with the younger generation.

Our vision is to realise the potential amongst generations through the sharing of a common experience. To realise the potential of our residents, the IGB programmes hope to provide residents with the opportunity to be empowered by:

  • Utilising their ability to engage in activities with students
  • Showing love and kindness towards students
  • Mentoring students through activities

Aligned with one of our lodge’s care principles – We bring the inside out/ outside in – we hope that IGB could become a platform for residents to maintain and build a relationship with students, improving their well-being.

For the students, we hope that they will be provided with the opportunity to:

  • Be empowered by utilizing their ability to interact and engage our residents
  • Learn to show kindness and empathy towards our residents in a safe environment
  • Learn skills to interact with persons with dementia

2. Different collaborations

Programmes begin with a pre-IGBP induction session conducted by the facilitators of the programmes to prepare students to interact with our residents. This includes:

Introduction to Dementia Introduction to Elderly Skills to interact with elderly and persons with dementia Ways to seek help

Programmes involving preschoolers
5 – 6 years old

A formalised structure for each session is as such:

  • Facilitators inviting residents (Inviting ritual)
  • Teaching Personal Enhancers to preschoolers
  • Greeting residents (Welcoming ritual) - Preschoolers singing welcome song with residents & DCEs
  • Activities
  • Bidding farewell (Ending ritual) - Children singing farewell songs with residents & DCEs
  • Post-session debrief


1) Church of Holy-Trinity Kindergarten (CHTK)
Being our very first partner, the collaboration with CHTK began in 2015 where residents and pre-schoolers interacted with each another through building lego once a month. We are currently in the fourth year of our partnership with 4 classes of preschoolers interacting with our residents once a week, involving parent volunteers as well.

2) Al-Istighfar Kindergarten
Our friendly neighbour has been working with us since 2017, interacting with our Malay speaking residents on a weekly basis. Look out for our residents being the Cikgu of the day, teaching the pre-schoolers Malay vocabulary.

3) Little Skool House
This preschool is the latest addition into the IGB family. The preschoolers will be interacting with the daycare elders from August onwards in art making sessions

Programmes involving primary school students
10 – 12 years old


1) White Sands Primary School
Students from the Student Haven programme spend their time meaningfully after school with our residents and daycare elders, engaging them in activities. In 2017, the students interviewed our residents to find out more about their family background, life history and preferences to create an individualised life storybook for them. In 2018, the students are currently engaging the daycare elders, engaging them in group activities and reflecting upon their interactions with Persons with Dementia.

Programmes involving students
16 – 18 years old


1) United World College South East Asia – Fuel For Mind
Students prepare cognitive stimulating activities such as puzzles, origami, treading of beads and conversations about the past for our Assisted Living residents weekly, keeping their minds active.

2)United World College South East Asia – Music with Reminiscence
Songs of the past which our Supported Living residents enjoy are brought to them by students on iPods and headphones. Each week, students explore songs which our residents enjoy. These songs are compiled into a personalised playlist for our residents at the end of the season of the programme.

3) Grace Orchard School
Students and residents meet at Orchid Laundry in Tuas, working together to fold towels while learning more about each other through interactions at work. The objective of the programme is to allow both residents and students to practise their fine motor skills during the folding of towels and to feel accomplished for completing a collaborative together.

Therapy Through Work

Apex Harmony Lodge recognizes that most elderly in Singapore has a strong work ethic and work constitutes a major part of self-identity. Being diagnosed with dementia does not erase the need to utilise their skills and experiences to contribute meaningfully to society.

Nurturing the HeART

People with dementia can be artists through engagement in visual arts and performance arts. These activities have therapeutic elements that enhance the well-being of people with dementia. The initiatives under Nurturing the Heart (NTH) strand aims to provide platforms for people with dementia to relate to and engage in arts in their daily lives and also to experience and express themselves through arts.

Enlivening the Minds

People with dementia need constant cognitive and stimulation as a form of functional maintenance due to the progressive declining nature of illness. The programs under the stands of Enlivening Minds, Delighting Senses (EMDS) aims to provide optimum sensory and cognitive stimulation to help delay decline in cognitive function and skills in activities of daily living.


Fun & Fit

Morning Venture is a community program that enables our residents to actively socialise with the public in the neighbourhood. This community programme allows our residents to engage their senses and promotes normalized living in a natural environment.

Intergenerational Bonding Programme

With Person-Centred Care (PCC) as the main philosophy of care, Apex Harmony Lodge hopes to provide integrated, holistic and enabling care for our residents. Having social psychology as one core component of care, we value the importance of building positive relationships for them.

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