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The Fighter Pilot in Mr Alwi

Known for his gentle demeanour and cultured way of speaking, it was a surprise for us to learn that Mr Alwi was once a fighter pilot who fought for Singapore in World War II back in 1942. It’s hard to imagine this kindly elder soaring through the skies on a Spitfire, but spend some time listening to his stories, and he’ll quickly fill you in about his piloting days.

Despite living with dementia, Mr Alwi’s knowledge of flying stays deeply rooted in his memories. If you ever have the chance to speak with him, don’t be surprised to find yourself in a flying crash course halfway through your conversation.

Thanks to our friends at Lien Foundation, this July, Mr Alwi had the opportunity to visit a hangar in Seletar Air Base to relive some of his memories as a pilot. During the visit, Mr Alwi got to see the planes that he once flew, and had the chance to share even more of his military history. (You can skip to 24:28s to watch the Mr Alwi exclusive, but we recommend watching the entire video for an insightful and heartwarming experience!)

The Lodge is extremely grateful to Lien Foundation and Seletar Air Base for providing us with this opportunity, and we look forward to more future opportunities to collaborate to do something meaningful with our residents.                                                                                                                                          

Do you have an idea to collaborate with the Lodge and our residents? Feel free to connect with us at ahl@apexharmony.org.sg!

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