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Volunteers are synergetic partners who can offer their love, specialty and professional skills to create a truly enriching and meaningful life for Person with Dementia (PWD).  AHL recognises the importance to grow a sustainable pool of informed volunteers to provide a safe, respectful and empowering home environment for PWDs living at every stage of their lives.

We are keen to know your calling for the big dream to provide every possible ways to empower, to add quality and colours to the lives of PWD.

Volunteering opportunities

  • Be their friend, companion and family - Just be by their side and be a good listener for their life stories and seek to understand them
  • Bring cheer and joy to them by entertaining them with singing sessions, dance performances, Magic Shows or other activities.
  • Organise or sponsor birthday and festive season celebrations, activities or games for them
  • Provide quality of life by organizing or sponsoring meaning outings, trips, or treats. .
  • Help in manicure, hair-dressing or personal grooming.
  • Facilitate in AHL’s In-Community, In-Lodge and In-Home’s programmes for Residents and Day Care Elders
  • Volunteering in Fund-Raising activities
  • Volunteering in event logistics, house-keeping, gardening, facility maintenance or any other activities that will benefit the Residents.

To let us know your strengths and how you could help please contact our Community Engagement Executive at,

Tel: 6585 2982, ext. 236