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Caregiver Mastery

This initiative aims to empower caregivers of persons living with dementia (PWDs) and mild cognitive impairments (PMCIs) towards mastery with attention to self-care, confidence and sense of self. This initiative reframes dementia and inspires caregivers to journey with their loved ones to embrace caregiving not as a burden, but as a gift. With opportunities to learn and grow together over shared experiences, Caregiver Mastery cultivates a community that provides continuous support and involvement FOR caregivers BY caregivers.

Benefits of Caregiver Mastery

  • Safe space for sharing and network of peer support
  • Gain self-care skills for improved sense of self and well-being
  • Grow to become mentors, co-facilitators and supporters to other caregivers in the community


  • Every fourth Saturday of the month
  • 2h per session
  • $20 per session

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Therapy Through Work (TTW)

Empowering persons with young onset and early-stage dementia, as well as persons with mild cognitive impairments (MCI) to continue meaningful employment through therapeutic work activities, with opportunities for socialisation, cognitive stimulation and continuous learning as they recultivate purposeful living.


A lifestyle service that aims to cultivate a safe space for self-expression through virtual interest-based therapeutic engagements, while supporting caregivers and family members in creating special moments and treasured memories for all.

Caregiver Mastery

A unique initiative that enthuses caregivers of PWDs and MCI towards mastery with attention to self-care, confidence and sense of self to embrace caregiving as a gift, not a burden.

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