Who We Are

Ngm Su - Our Resident Explorer

Mr Ngm was always an outgoing and adventurous individual, which was why he particularly enjoyed his previous career as a welder on a ship. Even after he left that job, he continued his hobby of exploring, collecting items from the community which he'd try to repair at home.

Kon Sew Ling - Our Resilient Hustler

Mdm Kon always believed in the value of working hard. From clerical work to a part-time stint in McDonalds, to eventually a funeral procession's percussion player, Mdm Kon has demonstrated her adaptability and openness to a wide variety of good, honest work. Even after being diagnosed with dementia and thereafter residing in Apex's Gerbera Home, she continued to verbalise her desire to work.

Niam Boon Heng - Our Talented Musician

A motivated learner, Mr Niam always found meaning in picking up new skills on his own. Without formal courses or lessons, he learnt how to play the harmonica, accordion, piano, and even learnt English with only a dictionary as his teacher. In his pursuit of musical interests, Mr Niam spent his free time composing new songs and participating in stage performances in his old neighbourhood.


Tseng Wan Fen - Our Gentle Nurturer

Mdm Tseng was always dedicated to nurturing and caring for others, as a teacher, wife and mother of two, juggling between her passion as a teacher and responsibilities as a mother throughout most of her life. What free time she could find, she used to learn and play the piano.

Molly Loh - Our Dancing Queen

When she still resided in Gerbera, one of Apex's Assisted Living Homes, Mdm Molly was the Home's best dancer, always eager to teach any staff willing to learn. A conscientious, self-engaged lady, she took great pride in everything that she did, including dancing, artwork, and even the household chores she helped out in.

Jacob - Our Energetic Go-getter

Jacob used to be an operations manager at a shipyard, leading a happy and meaningful life. He spent his free time swimming and taking care of his dog. All of that changed when he was diagnosed with Dementia four years ago.

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