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Partnership Opportunities

Be our Partner

We are constantly seeking new strategic partners to co-create initiatives that mutually benefit people with dementia and overall stakeholders involved, in a bid to create an organic dementia-friendly and respectful community.

Partnership Opportunities

1. Employ people with dementia
We are reaching out to external partners who share our belief and are willing to employ people with dementia, and co-create work as a form of therapy for people with dementia. As part of the Therapy Through Work programme, we would like to provide a variety of work opportunities for PWD, enabling them to live a normalized and purposeful life.

2. Regular or ad-hoc leisure engagements
Our residents and clients always look forward to having a fun or relaxing day out, engaging in various activities and programs. Open your doors to people with dementia, and be ready to be surprised with endless discoveries along the way.

3. Knowledge co-creation
Apex Harmony Lodge is always on the lookout for opportunities to expand, share, and codify knowledge and wisdom on providing care for people with dementia. Contact us for potential collaboration on research projects, speaking engagements, or workshops.

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