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Therapy Through Work (TTW)

Occupation is very much a natural part of our lives. Appreciating the benefits work-related engagements bring to us, TTW aims to achieve psychosocial well-being through recultivating purposeful lives, promoting independence and contributing to normalised living. Thus, for those who still find work meaningful, TTW provides opportunities for meaningful connections, socialisation and cognitive stimulation, which can slow down cognitive deterioration in PWDs and MCI and continue providing them with a sense of self and dignity.

Benefits of TTW

  • Regain confidence and self-esteem
  • Promotes active lifestyle
  • Connectedness through opportunities for social interaction
  • Cognitive stimulation through work-like activities
  • Respite for caregivers

Our Semi-Independent Model

With a significant prevalence of mild cognitive impairment (MCI) in Singapore of 12.5%, we hope to support them to empower persons with through engagement in work-related activities to further unleash their potentials to contribute meaningfully.

In addition, by equipping employers with the necessary resources, processes, and framework, the semi-independent model fosters an inclusive and accessible employment model.

The Semi-Independent model also features opportunities for other seniorsin the community to engage in work-related activities as a preventative measure against cognitive decline and isolation. Email us at or call us at 65852265 ext 226 or WhatsApp us at 97306347 to find out more about these opportunities!

Be a partner employer!

We are reaching out to external partners who share our belief and are willing to employ persons with dementia, mild cognitive impairments and seniors living in the community to give them the opportunity to benefit from therapy through work. To join us on this journey of empowering our community, please contact us at or 65852265 ext 226 for more information.

Learn more about TTW by downloading our full brochure here.

Therapy Through Work (TTW)

Empowering persons with young onset and early-stage dementia, as well as persons with mild cognitive impairments (MCI) to continue meaningful employment through therapeutic work activities, with opportunities for socialisation, cognitive stimulation and continuous learning as they recultivate purposeful living.


A lifestyle service that aims to cultivate a safe space for self-expression through virtual interest-based therapeutic engagements, while supporting caregivers and family members in creating special moments and treasured memories for all.

Caregiver Mastery

A unique initiative that enthuses caregivers of PWDs and MCI towards mastery with attention to self-care, confidence and sense of self to embrace caregiving as a gift, not a burden.

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