Who We Are

We Care for Our Staff

At AHL, our People is our Ambassadors comprising multi professional disciplines, racial, nationalities and inter-generation of all ages. The team is known to be visionary and yet grounded to make things happen. Diverse talents coming together to re-frame, re-invent and co-create from seemingly impossibles into possibles is very much a way of life at the Lodge. In the process, opportunties to grow , unleashing potential as multi-skilled T-shaped professionals in the field of dementia to make the integrated PCC dementia care and into continuum care for PWD a sustainable reality.

The T-Shaped Model conceptualizes that care staff in AHL possess a depth of knowledge and technical hard skills in their clinical profession and psycho-social aspects such as care planning and implementation (represented by the vertical bar of the T), while being equipped with a breadth of general knowledge and soft skills such as communication, management and innovation skills (represented by the horizontal bar of the T).

Integrated Organisation Structure ( IOS )

The IOS was borned from framing problems into opportunities for AHL to continue or propser and grow as a lean organisation. This structure provides for  continual coverage of responisbilities across functional groups providing least disruption to programs focused on person centred care for our residents

Integrating our people and strengthening their teamwork between psychosocial and nursing into seamless mutli-disciplinary teams has created ample opportuities for cross learning amongst team members with purposeful outcomes. It has also built a culture of positivty and possibilities. Together we continuously enhance amd make our integrated PCC Model for PWD a reality.

The operations , Human Resource and Administrative , Finance, Corporate Development and the ICT team togther to ensure fundamnatals are in place. Through the Integrated Organisation Struture ( IOS ) , the team manages resources intelligently and secure funding and partnerships as part of their daily work to keep the Lodge running well.


By working together across discipline guided by the values of AHL, the AHL Teams have many achievements to celebrate and take pride in. One of the greatest achievements was the transformation of the Lodge to empower PWD to live well, with full support from the family members and partners in the community. 

Our tested ground up models have also been shared internationally and winning awards Internationally, a testimony of quality care and services we provide for PWD.

By caring for staff and creating a positive work & learning environment for our staff, enabling them to become multi-skilled professionals and specialists in the field and deliver the best possible care for our residents, we have co-created many possibilities. We are blessed to have groomed a team of competent DCM mappers, trainers, and interRAI assessors, as well as a team of visionary leaders who are strategic and operationally competent to co-lead the Lodge to continue to create many more inspiring stories in the field of dementia care.

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