Living at the Lodge

We place great emphasis on the environmental design of the lodge, a key
component for the well-being of Residents with dementia.

Envisioning it as a Living Art Gallery, we strive to create a space which enables
and empowers, honouring each resident's unique talents




Physically Secure, Emotionally Safe

Beyond physical comfort and safety, each Home is designed to be inviting and homely,
providing a familiar environment for residents to live in a home away from home.



Social Space, Nurturing Community

Communal areas, designed to promote social interaction and vibrancy, contribute towards a
nurturing community in which residents live as a family together with our care staff.



Delighted Senses, Stimulated Minds

Interactive and immersive environments that engage residents through visuals, touch, sounds
and smell, provide cognitive and sensory stimulation.



Harnessing Technology, Promoting Independence


Join us in empowering Persons with Dementia

Your generous donation will go into helping us enable and empowering Persons with Dementia to continue a life with meaning and purpose.

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