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Board Governance

Board Selection, Recruitment and Training

The board of directors are appointed on the strength of their knowledge, skills, expertise and experience in order to create a balanced mix of board members with diverse expertise and backgrounds.

Board members should comprise members who possess suitable:

  • Personal attributes like integrity, maturity, confidence and high standards of excellence;
  • Core skills or competencies like accounting, finance, legal, human resources, business and management, strategic planning, leadership, fundraising, communications and relevant sectoral knowledge (such as health and social services); and
  • Commitment necessary to govern the Lodge effectively.

Board members, where necessary, are to develop the relevant skills and competencies and to keep abreast of relevant laws and regulatory requirements. Board members may take on relevant training where there is a need to develop various skills and competences that contribute to the development of the Lodge.

The board of directors conducts a self-evaluation annually. It measures how effective it has been in leading AHL towards the desired performance and good governance. The collated evaluation will be discussed at the Board meetings. The MC shall further compete a Governance Evaluation Checklist (GEC) as per submitted on the Charity Portal.

Board Re-Nomination and Re-appointment

One month before the expiry of the term of office, Board members who wish to be re-elected may indicate their interest to the Chairman/Secretary. A member may resign from the Board at any time by giving notice of his resignation to the Board.

Board Declaration for Conflict of Interest

Members of the Board and all staff are required to file a conflict of interest disclosure form annually. Further, Members of the Board or Management staff should refrain from the decision-making processes in the Lodge in the event of the following conflicts of interest:

  • Personal interest in business transactions or contracts that the Lodge may enter into;
  • Vested interest in other organizations that the Lodge has dealings with; or
  • Personal interest as the Lodge’s suppliers, service users, beneficiaries or members of staff.

All staff who put up a requisition form for purchase should make declarations of any conflict of interest and also as and when conflict arises. Procurement of goods and services should be on an arm’s length basis.

Data Protection Policy

Read our Data Protection Policy here

Whistle Blowing Policy

Read the Whistle Blowing Policy document here.

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