You Can Help

The Lodge greatly values our volunteers who provide care and support to our residents and clients, and allow them to live a more dignified person-centred life. We welcome volunteers who are keen to work with us to facilitate and even co-create our unique programmes.

As part of the Lodge’s volunteer management, volunteers will be screened and allocated to the various models of care based on our needs and the volunteers’ skills and talents. Volunteers will undergo training on dementia, person centred care, and on the proper handling techniques. They will be assigned supervisors and/or buddies during their stint.

Upon completion, feedback will be obtained from the volunteers on how the entire volunteering experience can be improved and be made more impactful.

As COVID-19 restrictions ease, we look forward to welcoming volunteers back in the Lodge. Do note that regular volunteers are preferred (i.e. able to commit weekly). Kindly fill up the form and we'll be in contact with you soon.

Join us in empowering Persons with Dementia

Your generous donation will go into helping us enable and empowering Persons with Dementia to continue a life with meaning and purpose.

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