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The MC ensures that sufficient attention is being paid to the detail of specific issues without one topic dominating the committee agenda at every meeting. This is achieved through delegating the specific areas to sub-committees headed by an MC member. The membership of the sub-committee comprises members with relevant expertise and co-opted experts approved by MC.

Each sub-committee:

  • has a clear term of reference agreed and reviewed regularly, supported by the MC
  • determines its committee size, frequency and quorum of meeting
  • ensures strict adherence to their relevant governing authority. At each MC meeting, each Sub-committee tables its progress report, submits proposals and seeks ratification to any decisions taken within its terms of reference.  The MC is responsible for all decisions taken by the Sub-committees.

Term of Reference of Sub-committee

Audit Sub-committee (ASC)

The ASC facilitates the external and internal audit of the organization for the MC to obtain independent information about the organisation’s activities. The Treasurer or Finance Committee Chairman should not concurrently chair the ASC.

The ASC’s responsibilities include the following;

  • To oversee the financial reporting and disclosure process and monitor the choice of accounting policies and principles
  • To review the audit plans and reposts of the external auditors and internal auditors and consider the effectiveness of actions taken by management on auditors’ recommendations.
  • To conduct periodic internal checks on key processes to ensure compliance with the established procedures and report to the MC on the findings and recommendations for improvement.
  • To analyse and address the risks that are associated with the key processes.
  • To verse regulatory compliance and whistle blower guidelines (where applicable)
  • To report to the MC of any financial irregularities, concerns and opportunities
  • To liaise with auditors on any significant matters arising

Human Resource Sub-Committee (HRSC)

The HRSC supports the MC in the planning and review of human resource policies to attract, motivate and retain competent staff, ensuring that human resource policies are aligned with AHL’s objectives.

The HRSC’s responsibilities include the following;

  • Guide development, review and authorization of HR policies and procedures in areas that cover:
    • Recruitment of competent staff ensuring sustainability through diversification
    • Remuneration policy, including establishing a salary structure and the process for setting remuneration of staff
    • Benefits that are competitive and sustainable
    • Training & Development policy and processes to ensure that staff are competent to perform their roles effectively and for staff professional development
    • Performance Management policy and process ensuring a fair and transparent performance reviews and appraisals
    • Disciplinary Actions that are fair and effective; and
    • Cessation of Employment
  • Reviews human resource policies for MC approval
  • Reviews and approves organization structure and job roles and responsibilities of positions up to 2 levels below CEO
  • Acts as grievances channel for employee complaints

Medical Advisory Sub-Committee (MASC)

The MASC is to assist the CEO and the MC in ensuring that AHL provides its residents the most appropriate care that adheres to the best possible professional, ethical and moral standards

The MASC’s responsibilities include the following;

  • To advise the CEO/MC on;
    • Medical and professional matters
    • Policies pertaining to clinical practices and research
  • To assist in identifying healthcare needs of the community and advising the MC of appropriate services which may be required to meet these needs
  • To assist in the review of care protocols and programmes, particularly its impact on clinical practices and standards, and outcome measures that may be monitored, whether or not they are part of the requirements from MOH
  • To recommend to the Board of Directors the ethical suitably of any research project, regardless of whether it is initiated by, and/or done in conjunction with, AHL or external party. The final approval on any such project lies with the Board
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