Living at the Lodge
Integrated Activities

Resort-style wellness activities with naturalised therapeutic elements



Naturalised Ability-Centred Therapy

Every activity is designed with therapeutic elements in mind, aimed at fulfilling unmet psychological needs of residents, such as attachment, inclusion and occupation.

Beyond design, each session is facilitated at levels appropriate to the individual’s ability. Residents able to guide others are encouraged to do so, while those who enjoy self-engagement can participate meaningfully.




Nurturing the HeART (NTH)

Living in wellness at the Lodge, with NTH as a key resort-style wellness activity for all, and an avenue for mindfulness living, our approach invites PWDs and PMCIs to embark on a journey of rejuvenation through the transformative power of creative expression.

Residents immerse themselves in tailored programs with opportunities for reminiscence, self-engagement, naturalised therapy, cognitive stimulation, and talent discovery.


Embrace Continuous Learning

Continuous learning should not stop after dementia diagnosis. Enthused residents have shown us that they are able to learn and enjoy new skills and activities.

We aim to provide ample opportunities for resident to keep on learning. For some, this means learning new skills, while for others, this could mean re-learning skills long thought forgotten.

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