Who We Are

Navigating Tomorrow 

Staying guided by our vision, mission, operating philosophy and principles of person-centred care, we aim to respond to changing profiles of persons with dementia (PWDs). Increasingly, we are seeing a newer generation of seniors, persons with young onset dementia, and persons with mild cognitive impairment whose aspirations and needs are very different from those of the late onset dementia profile. Without providing the right challenge and engagements that are meaningful to them, there is high risk of them either get into depression or agitation.

Over the next few years, our strategic plans see us designing more ground-up approaches, systems of measuring impact, and knowledge resources for these new groups of seniors. We want to design an inter-generational lifestyle club offering a change of environment that is meaningful and enriching. This club will provide resort-style wellness activities, continuous learning opportunities, and psychological support, promoting well-being.

This space is also intended to connect with the wider community. It will be a dynamic location to foster an ecosystem of bringing in other seniors from the neighbourhood and a community of caregivers and volunteers that we will specially train.


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