Who We Are
Organisation Structure of AHL

Ms Soh Mee Choo

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Ms Soh Mee Choo has been in the field of dementia for the last 9 years, making integrated person-centred care a reality. She brings along almost a decade of ground-up knowledge and wisdom from journeying with persons with special needs and their families. Her deep interest includes enthusing persons living with dementia and their families to live well through normalised living and embracing dementia as a unique phase of life. Together with her team at Apex Harmony Lodge and gifts of persons living with dementia, she continuously searches, learns and innovate to transform integrated person-centred care. Tested ground up models were documented, published at journals and shared at Conferences.

Mrs Mui-Kok Kah Wei

Deputy Chief Executive Officer (Dy CEO)

Mrs Mui has been in the field of eldercare and healthcare arenas for more than 20 years, serving in various capacities from the setting up of elderly care facilities and services to taking on a Board role.  She has taken on leadership positions in the public sector, commercial sector and large social enterprises in Singapore ranging from a strategic planning portfolio to dealing with specific domain expertise including corporate services, commercial procurement, inventory management, marketing, and running commercial business units. Her unique mix of commercial exposure, coupled with her mission to provide quality care to persons with dementia (PWDs) and supporting their families, will contribute to the Lodge’s mission of serving PWDs to experience normalised living, as well as propel the Lodge’s advocacy of embracing dementia as a unique phase of life.

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