Living at the Lodge
Tender Loving Care

A Home of Unconditional Love and Comfort

Tender Loving Care (TLC) Homes are centered on both physical and emotional comfort. Incorporating Namaste and Palliative care elements, residents are enabled to live dignified, with their pain managed comfortably in a non-pharmacological manner.



A Typical Day in Tender Loving Care

With the care team trained in Namaste Care, TLC residents enjoy tranquil, multi-sensory activities that encourage relaxation and safety.


A Nurturing Environment

A key enabler of the TLC model, residents can relax in natural themed environments that bring the nature in. The set up of the environment complements Namaste Care, which aims to provide a multi-sensory experience, integrating natural aromas, calming music, lush greenery and unconditional love.

 Learn more about our Environment here. 

Assisted Living

For independent individuals who are cognitively and physically able.

Assisted Living aims to provide a vacationing, ability-centred lifestyle that promotes wellbeing.

Supported Living

For individuals who require some assistance in daily living.

Supported Living aims to build an engaged community enabled by assistive devices.

Tender Loving Care

For individuals who are in the later parts of their dementia journey.

Tender Loving Care aims to provide comfort and unconditional love.

Join us in empowering Persons with Dementia

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