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Knowledge Partner & Co-Creator

The Lodge actively nurtures strategic partnerships by sustaining and reviewing existing collaborations and continually seeking new ones who can add value and support the Lodge’s vision and mission

Effective synergistic partnerships are characterized by building and sustaining “win-win-win” relationships where expectations are clear, understood and implemented by all members of the partnership from leadership to staff levels. The Lodges believes relationship building is fundamental to the success of collaborations.

Partnership Framework

Types Purpose Structure Process Partners
  • Dialogue to develop and establish common understanding and beliefs
  • Base of support
  • Shares common interest
  • Flexible links/ connections
  • Low-key leadership
  • Minimal decision-making
  • Informal communication
Various from all sectors
  • Jointly creating new initiatives for our residents
  • Core team
  • Semi- formal links
  • Roles defined
  • Facilitative leadership
  • Formal decision-making within core team
  • Frequent and clear communication
Orchid Laundry
Greenology Pte Ltd
Istighfar Mosque
Equal Ark
Knowledge partners
  • Building staff or organisational capabilities and research collaboration
  • Formal team in shared decision-making
  • Formalised roles and links well-defined
  • Shared Leadership
  • Formal decision-making with all members
  • Highly developed communication
ADA Singapore
Partnership Foundations 4E’s
  • Enable • Engage
  • Empower • Enthuse
  • 5 Care Principles
  • Person Centred Care
  • VIPs
  • PEO


Some of our key knowledge partners and co-creators:

If you are interested in collaborating with us and be a knowledge co-creator, please contact us at or +65 6585 2265

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