Assisted Living

Life in the Assisted Living Homes

The Assisted Living ( AL ) homes are designed for residents who are in the early/ moderate stage of dementia, and who are likely to be ambulatory, and independent in performing activities of daily living. The main care goal is to maintain and prolong residents’ active and/ or abled years.

Psychosocial care is an instrumental building block of the care provided for residents of the Assisted Living homes, on top of the person-centred nursing care rendered. Focus is to enable and empower Residents in AL homes to live a normalised life with ample opportunities for community presence.


Every resident is unique and dynamic. In the Assisted Living Homes, many residents are still able to express their needs and preferences. Each resident’s life story is carefully documented, regularly updated in the “Living Well Plan” (LWP), which serves as the foundation of personalized care goals and strategies.


With a vibrant environment, the care provided is aimed at maintaining individuals’ abilities and delaying functional decline. This is achieved by actively involving residents in varied daily activities (including in-community activities), enthusing them to make personal decisions and choices, and empowering self-help and self-engagement whenever possible.

Normalized/ Naturalized

Environment and care are designed to make residents feel truly at home. Normalized living is made possible through personalization of living space, as well as purposeful routines and engagements to suit each resident’s natural interest and preferences.

A Day in a Life

Programmes and Signature Activities

1. In-home/ in-lodge activities

  • Therapy through Work 
    Residents are most positively engaged when occupied in activities that they enjoy doing, and experience a sense of purpose and achievement. Therapy through work fulfils that by bringing the opportunity to be productive from the comfort of our residential homes. Example: packing disposable cutleries, vegetable plucking, moss cleaning, etc. Find out more about Therapy through Work.
  • Cognitive Rehabilitation/ Stimulation Programme 
    With guidance from Occupational Therapist, residents in AL Homes are engaged in cognitive rehab program on daily basis to stimulate their cognition, while having fun at the same time. Discovery stations of are also made available that enable resident’s daily self-engagement in variety of cognitively stimulating activities such as reading, lacing, games, arithmetic play, etc
  • Love Bytes & High Tea Club 
    Love Bytes & High Tea Club are food-related initiatives designed as a part of the normalised lives of our residents. It enables residents to gather and share memorable experiences on food and food preparation. Residents also enjoy the delectable food of their work as they assist in the food preparation of local snacks and kuehs. Numerous memories/moments of residents’ lives have been ignited as they relive their good old times. Pleasant surprises also await us when residents demonstrate talents that had been hidden due to dementia.
  • Reminiscence sessions 
    Walking down the memory lane could not be more fun than when done together with friends who share the same experiences. Residents are facilitated to recall past events, share old stories, and enjoy music/ movies from their era. Residents have been seen to come alive, and demonstrate an increased ability to communicate and express themselves when the subject is close to heart. Through these sessions, one’s life meaning and sense of identity and importance is reaffirmed.
  • Gym Tonic 
    This initiative looks into improving the residents’ strength and balance. Using air pressure to operate, the machines are tailored to the physical capability and capacity of the residents. Besides reducing the risk of fall, the weekly gym training prepares and maintains residents for other in-community programs.

2. In-community activities

  • Therapy through Work 
    Every week, we bring our residents out to various community settings to re-experience work in a real work setting. This return to the community serves to normalize the lives of our residents and stimulate their senses which might be dulled by prolonged institution. We are privileged to have synergistic partnerships with some like-minded and like-hearted companies who made it possible for us to provide the community presence for PWDs under our care. Find out more.
  • Hawkers Delight 
    Hawker Delights is aimed to provide more choices, especially food options that is culturally more familiar and preferred to residents. Every week, together with AHL staff, our residents go out in the community to their favourite food haunts for lunch. Through this program, we aim to bring back familiar tastes of their favourite hawker food to the residents while empowering residents with responsibilities of buying, taking orders and delivery of food.
  • Baking beyond Hobbies 
    Once a month, our residents go into the community and make healthy & nutritious bread under the guidance of our synergistic partner Lico Wellness. Our residents’ minds are stimulated and their skills practised, and they get to bring home and enjoy the delectable bakes at the end of an enriching day.
  • Agility 
    An initiative that incorporates nature as a stimulant during exercise to enhance the well-being of PWD. Residents get to enjoy themselves at Pasir Ris Park/Changi Beach Park. The targeted exercises aims to boost their balance, coordination, proprioception & strength. After their exercises, the residents take a short stroll and appreciate the environment.
  • Morning & Evening Venture 
    Also dubbed as a ‘naturalised exercise’. This is a program that occurs thrice a week for the more abled- residents, it promotes the independence, normalisation and build confidence of residents as they venture outside the lodge via public transport to a nearby mall for a cuppa, chit chat and watch the world go by. To enhance person-centred care & sense of autonomy, residents have the freedom to choose their own food & drinks at the shopping mall.

Assisted Living

The Assisted Living ( AL ) homes are designed for residents who are in the early/ moderate stage of dementia, and who are likely to be ambulatory, and independent in performing activities of daily living. The main care goal is to maintain and prolong residents’ active and/ or abled years.

Supported Living

Supported Living comprises 120 residents from 4 homes, Daffodil, Daisy, Tulip and Bluestar, with 2 female and 2 male homes. Each home has their own unique identity, but together we share a common vision: to build an enabled and engaged community with meaningful relationships for our residents to live a fulfilled life.

Tender Loving Care

The Tender Loving Care ( TLC ) Home is a special place, a Home blessed with unconditional love, focused attention on physical health, comfort and stimulating with many happy memories for all. This is a Home where unconditional love permeates, between staff and Residents, Residents and their family members.

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