Living at the Lodge
Communal Area





Day Care Centre to benefit with a garden to provide more opportunities for activities and bonding





Biophilic building that brings nature into the Home and help soothe the human spirit amongst the natural environment

Providing a private peaceful time for residents to sit and look into garden in the natural surrounding







Sky garden providing better view of the outside world for residents who are at level 2 and level 3






Therapeutic garden that truly cares for PWD; healing, functional, enjoyable and nurturing space and community for PWD.

A variety of flora and sights within the landscaped area that is sensory stimulating.

A full range of activities suited for PWD at different stages of dementia such as cognitive rehabilitation, mobility and functional rehabilitation provided in a natural environment.

Planter beds will be provided at appropriate height for wheel-chair bound Residents to access and enjoy gardening activities.

Clothes lines will be provided in the garden to promote independence in their daily living activities and reminisce over good past-years.



Living Area

The Resident's lounge where the magic of Activities of Daily Living takes place.

Communal Area

Open area for all residents to busk in the sun and enjoy a good breath of nature

Personal Area

Providing good living conditions with customizable attributes around their personal area

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