Living at the Lodge
Environment & Facilities

Living Environment at Apex Harmony Lodge

An enabling and empowering environment is instrumental in contributing to the well-being of people with dementia (PWD). In addition to cognitive impairment, PWD also experience sensorial challenges; what the person sees, hears and feels may not be accurate because the brain receives many simultaneous messages that it may not interpret accurately. This may pose difficulties in their daily activities and when they navigate their surroundings.

An empowering environment with prompts, ease of access, risk free and abundance of engagement meaningful to each PWD supports a PWD to live well. In co-creating an enabling and empowering environment and a nurturing space for our Residents, we stay guided by our care principles.

Translating the Care Principles into actions, the physical design of the Lodge focusses on 4 major components, adapted from Person-Directed Dementia Care Assessment Tool

1. Ambience
An engaging and pleasant atmosphere for people with dementia, staff, family, and visitors, to create a true homely atmosphere. Every corner of the home has sufficient natural lighting, including the visitor’s lounge, nurse’s station, common room, and each bed room.

2. Space Configuration
The living spaces are cleverly configured, to provide an internal and external environment that is safe, secure, and easy for residents to navigate & make the best of their remaining abilities. A variety of spaces are provided, some for quiet conversations, and some for larger group interaction, as well as spaces where residents can be by themselves.

3. Lighting, Colours/Patterns
Enabling our residents by providing orientation cues that would help to minimize their confusion and uncertainty, for example contrasting colours of furniture and eye-level placing of signage. The colour of the walls, the light fitting, even their toilet rooms are carefully designed to support more independence with washing, toileting and personal hygiene, especially during the night.

4. Personalization of Individual Space
Individual spaces are provided for residents to enjoy experiences that were close to them in their early lives, through the use of familiar objects, furniture, and mementos.

This requires understanding of each resident’s personal background and each resident is encouraged to be involved in personalizing his/ her own space to the best of their ability.

Environment Enhancement Project 2018 - 2019

AHL is into next phase of transformation to further deepen person-centred care. It involves the enhancement the above 4 components guided by the above Care Principles. The Environmental Enhancement is slated to complete by first quarter of 2019. The following images are the highlights of the Environmental Enhancement:

Living Room

Living Room enhanced with:

  • Homely ambience with furniture suitable for PWD
  • Spaces for Residents engaged in activities of their choice
  • Improved ventilation
  • Improved lighting for safety and ease of moving around

Dining Room

Enhancements made:

  • Provide space for Residents to dine as family
  • Suitable furniture for PWD
  • Improved ventilation for comfort and management skin conditions
  • Improved lighting for safety
  • Organised space for Residents to move around independently and to socialise


Open concept pantry to promote independence among Residents to help themselves to drinks and assist staff in meal preparations or washing


Bedroom with patios that open up to the main garden to provide Residents with private space close to nature.

Enhancements made to bedrooms

  • The bed head wall has simple & pleasant pattern relief to make it homely.
  • Shine-up recessed light at the ledge at bed head wall area to reduce discomfort due to glare for Residents lying on the bed
  • Enhanced ventilation with ceiling fans
  • Build in wardrobe and pedestals for personalisation of space


Enhancements to the en-suite bathrooms

  • Water-proofing and non-slip tiles for safety
  • Contrasting colour grab bars & toilet seats to facilitate visual perception and promote proper use
  • Toilet seat height adjusted at about 420 - 430mm to suit the needs of PWD
  • Luminous lighting ceiling & vanity light for safety.

Interior Garden & Walkways

Enhancements to the Interior Garden with walkway:

  • Safety by reducing splash onto the walkways
  • Safety features to allow Residents to walk, tending to the plants, enjoy the view, fresh air and sunlight.

Therapeutic garden that truly cares for PWD; healing, functional, enjoyable and nurturing space and community for PWD.

  •  A variety of flora and sights within the landscaped area that is sensory stimulating.
  • A full range of activities suited for PWD at different stages of dementia such as cognitive rehabilitation, mobility and functional rehabilitation provided in a natural environment.
  • Planter beds will be provided at appropriate height for wheel-chair bound Residents to access and enjoy gardening activities.
  • Clothes lines will be provided in the garden to promote independence in their daily living activities and reminisce over good past-years.

Interior courtyard garden that is safe and spacious to entice residents to wander and friendly for residents on wheelchair

Residents’ rooms accessible to the exterior garden empowering residents with a choice for a private time in the garden

Faux balcony at level 2 and level 3 homes, bringing nature closer to residents

Sky garden providing better view of the outside world for residents who are at level 2 and level 3

Biophilic building that brings nature into the Home and help soothe the human spirit amongst the natural environment

Day Care Centre to benefit with a garden to provide more opportunities for activities and bonding

Spacious activity lawn area with railings for outdoor activities or exercise

Providing a private peaceful time for residents to sit and look into garden in the natural surrounding

Help us to normalise the lives of persons with dementia.

Your donation will enable us to continue to engage and empower our residents with our unique integrated medical and psychosocial person-centred care model to bring out the best in each person with dementia, supporting them throughout their journey with dementia and enthusing them to look forward to life!