Living at the Lodge

Guided by the mission "To provide the best of care for persons living with dementia" and Operating Philosophy of "Unlocking Potential in every Resident, Staff and Volunteer beyond dementia care", we seek to know the PERSON with dementia, discover their strengths, potentials and interests and assist them to be at their best. The non-pharmacological model of care for PWD has given dignity and respect to PWD in which PWD need not to be restrained and dependency on psychotropic drugs could be either reduced or maintained.

To ensure that this Person-centred Care ( PCC ) Journey is on-going for PWD under our care, whose dementia continue to progress according to their ever-changing profile and needs, we re-organize care around what is best for PWD at every stage of their life. Through this journey, differentiated care models evolved across the whole continuum of care for PWD at different stages of their lives.

This model articulates a clear integrated care journey to embrace PWD at different stages; care in the community and in long term residential care at the Lodge.

Assisted Living

The Assisted Living ( AL ) homes are designed for residents who are in the early/ moderate stage of dementia, and who are likely to be ambulatory, and independent in performing activities of daily living. The main care goal is to maintain and prolong residents’ active and/ or abled years.

Supported Living

Supported Living comprises 120 residents from 4 homes, Daffodil, Daisy, Tulip and Bluestar, with 2 female and 2 male homes. Each home has their own unique identity, but together we share a common vision: to build an enabled and engaged community with meaningful relationships for our residents to live a fulfilled life.

Tender Loving Care

The Tender Loving Care ( TLC ) Home is a special place, a Home blessed with unconditional love, focused attention on physical health, comfort and stimulating with many happy memories for all. This is a Home where unconditional love permeates, between staff and Residents, Residents and their family members.

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