Living at the Lodge
Living Area


Living Room enhanced with:

Homely ambience with furniture suitable for PWD

Spaces for Residents engaged in activities of their choice

Improved ventilation

Improved lighting for safety and ease of moving around



Enhancements to the Interior Garden with walkway:

Safety by reducing splash onto the walkways

Safety features to allow Residents to walk, tending to the plants, enjoy the view, fresh air and sunlight.

Interior courtyard garden that is safe and spacious to entice residents to wander and friendly for residents on wheelchair





Open concept pantry to promote independence among Residents to help themselves to drinks and assist staff in meal preparations or washing








Living Area

The Resident's lounge where the magic of Activities of Daily Living takes place.

Communal Area

Open area for all residents to busk in the sun and enjoy a good breath of nature

Personal Area

Providing good living conditions with customizable attributes around their personal area

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