Living at the Lodge
Person Centred Care

Person centred nursing care at the Lodge revolves around humanizing care for Person with Dementia (PwD). Guided by our 5 Care Principles and Person Centred Care Approach, we continue to frame our nursing care where our residents take the centre stage of our care. For instance, daily nursing care centres on building relationship with the residents. We seek to create beautiful and pure staff -resident relationship, accepting who they are and adapting to their needs; knowing the resident as a whole, instead of just knowing their conditions. These are vital in planning our care so that residents can live well. By understanding their unique and inspiring stories, we could add to their beautiful memories.

Moreover, daily nursing care is beyond just physical well-being. It is about their abilities, utilising their remaining strengths and unleashing their potentials through normalising the routines while giving them back as much independence. A resident who has lost the ability to feed himself will be supported by nursing staff to self-feed using assistive feeding devices, similarly for daily grooming and other activities.

Environment and occupation also play an important role in their resident’s well-being. Hence, we support the PWD to be well, able to continue to enjoy their preferred activities in an emotionally and physically safe environment in and out of the Lodge. Our nursing team co-facilitate in-community programmes to ensure PWD is safe at all times. Medications are adjusted if necessary, to allow PWD to continue to enjoy their preferred activities, especially in the community, with minimum or no risk. When isolation is needed, the team brainstorms to continue to keep the resident engaged.

In each home, our nursing team co-creates with residents and their family members to make each home a nurturing community and space in which love and personal enhancers flourish as a way of life. This was much noted by the Dementia Care Mappers.

Whenever a resident is hospitalised, nursing and psycho-social team shares strategies with clinical team at the hospital to ensure that the resident’s well-being is well taken care of. Whenever possible, we would request for early discharge, for our residents to be cared by our nursing team at the Lodge, much preferred by our residents.

As a team, we empower them, maintaining their dignity and providing physically and emotionally safe place to spend their lives. We initiate non-pharmacological interventions before medications. We understand their underlying issues instead of resorting to restraints.

Through person-centred nursing care, we journey with the residents, continually discovering, learning and innovating with them.

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