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Psychological Wellbeing Factors

Psychosocial Dementia Care

The principles of Person Centred Care (PCC) undergird the care planning at AHL for each and every Person with Dementia (PwD). Hence, activities to enable, engage, empower and enthuse for each PWD is guided by each individual’s needs (clinical, cognitive, physical, and/or psychological) and interests, as well as what is important for the person to live well.

Regardless of the stage of dementia, every interaction and activity is designed to unlock each individual’s potential, guided by the 4Es Model ( Enable, Engage, Empower, Enthuse ), to create quality of life in the home, in the lodge, as well as in the community.

There are currently 5 innovative strands of psychosocial care supporting people with dementia as a whole-person, to compliment the excellent clinical and nursing care provided.

Each strand is creatively designed to bring out the best in each PWD and fulfil a number of needs and packaged to be carried out in a normalized and naturalized way. The 5 strands evolved from the learning in journeying with people with dementia over time. The 5 strands are:

Therapy Through Work

Apex Harmony Lodge recognizes that most elderly in Singapore has a strong work ethic and work constitutes a major part of self-identity. Being diagnosed with dementia does not erase the need to utilise their skills and experiences to contribute meaningfully to society.

Nurturing the HeART

People with dementia can be artists through engagement in visual arts and performance arts. These activities have therapeutic elements that enhance the well-being of people with dementia. The initiatives under Nurturing the Heart (NTH) strand aims to provide platforms for people with dementia to relate to and engage in arts in their daily lives and also to experience and express themselves through arts.

Enlivening the Minds

People with dementia need constant cognitive and stimulation as a form of functional maintenance due to the progressive declining nature of illness. The programs under the stands of Enlivening Minds, Delighting Senses (EMDS) aims to provide optimum sensory and cognitive stimulation to help delay decline in cognitive function and skills in activities of daily living.


Fun & Fit

Morning Venture is a community program that enables our residents to actively socialise with the public in the neighbourhood. This community programme allows our residents to engage their senses and promotes normalized living in a natural environment.

Intergenerational Bonding Programme

With Person-Centred Care (PCC) as the main philosophy of care, Apex Harmony Lodge hopes to provide integrated, holistic and enabling care for our residents. Having social psychology as one core component of care, we value the importance of building positive relationships for them.

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