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Mr Ng Soon Teck goes above and beyond to assist other residents in need

On any given day, it is commonplace to see Mr Ng seated with his back bent slightly over the table, laser-focused on ensuring three tiny seeds are placed in each hole of the planting slab. This is part of Work@Lodge, one of the signature programmes of Assisted Living homes at the Lodge. The programme was designed to meet the occupational aspirations of residents who still maintain high levels of physical and cognitive functions, putting them in good stead for vocational activities. To aid Mr Ng in his aspirations for meaningful work, the staff provided plenty of opportunities for him to continue contributing by focusing on what he can do.

Other than his seeding task, fastidious Mr Ng is also in charge of Quality Control – he verifies that the work done by other residents in this task are in order. He works systematically to ensure that the seemingly simple but tedious job is done with accuracy and efficiency. Mr Ng also takes the initiative to assist with the daily chores around the home, including the washing of dishes, clearing of cutlery, and general cleaning. Despite the many duties undertaken by him, Mr Ng’s easygoing nature allows him to take things in his stride, often sprinkling doses of humour in his interactions with others.  

In February 2022, unfortunately, Mr Ng and his fellow residents in the home were infected with the COVID-19 virus. When he was unwell, he knew he had to stop his many duties around the home and asked to be excused even when he was not expected to. He promised to resume once he felt better. As he got better, he lent his helping hands to his roommates who were still unwell, ensuring they had their meals and assisting them in whatever ways he could. Such is Mr Ng’s nature – responsible, accountable and compassionate in his actions.

Ever a driven gentleman, Mr Ng is eager to keep himself both physically and mentally strong. An interesting fact about him is that he picked up Tai Chi through observing others engaging in the sport in his younger days. With this knowledge, he now leads other residents in warm-up and cool down exercises through Tai Chi.  To keep his mind active, he reads the papers regularly to keep up with current affairs. Though Mr Ng had little education as a boy, he has aged into a fine, learned man through experience and his propensity for learning.

When ask if there is anything he would change about staying at the Lodge, Mr Ng proudly exclaimed, “Staying here is good. I like this place. No need to worry.”

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