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To meet the exponential growing demand for dementia care, the Lodge is planning to set up a Training and Consultancy centre in line with our vision to be a living model of a home committed to lives affected by dementia. Anchored on the fundamentals of person-centred care, the vision is to develop and deliver evidence-based practices tailored to meet the holistic needs of PWD in the continuum of dementia care.


To enhance competency and build capacity of community care workforce and long term residential care homes to provide the best possible care for PWD in need of their services.

In the long run, the Lodge aims to enhance awareness and improve professional practice in dementia care and long term and community social care sector.

Focus Areas

The Training and Consultancy Centre seeks to enhance Person-centred Dementia Care in the Intermediate and Long Term Care (ILTC) and community care sector by strengthening 3 focus areas:

1. Education and Training

Our dementia practitioner trainers have been conducting Basic Dementia courses, interRAI Assessor & Peer Reviewer course, Safe Transfer and Facilitator Course for our staff since 2017.

To help fulfil a growing need for Person-centred dementia care, the Centre plans to provide a spectrum of dementia care courses for professional caregivers based on a blended approach of lectures, attachments to AHL and small group sessions

2. Consultancy

Our team of experienced dementia practitioner-leaders and trainers has varied expertise, rich ground experience and operates as a multi-disciplinary team to provide expert knowledge and clinical [nursing and psycho-social] know-how for participants. They would also collaborate with knowledge partners such as ADA Singapore to provide consultancy work to professionals and organisations.

3. Evidence-based Practices

Collaborations are built upon strong networks that AHL has formed with like-minded Person-centred dementia care practitioners and academia over the years.

If you are interested in collaborating with us, or would like more insights on what we can offer, please contact us at ahl@apexharmony.org.sg or +65 6585 2265

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