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EmbrACE @ CM Glow

This programme encourages PWDs and MCI to ace this phase of life. Designed to promote social interaction between PWDs and MCI and their loved ones at home with new and innovating activities, sessions enhance dyadic relationships and encourage participants to showcase their works to loved ones. With the understanding that caregiving is a special kind of bond between two people, EmbrACE hopes to provide special moments to caregivers and transcend the notion of “I care for You”. Sessions provide an opportunity to learn from their loved ones living with dementia and MCI, and see what they are capable of in a way that delivers both parties emotional respite.

It is also common for PWDs and MCI to experience fear, anxiety and depression with the uncertainty of their diagnosis. EmbrACE sessions provide a safe space for self-expression through therapeutic activities in arts, music and other areas like gardening and culinary arts to help participants recognise, acknowledge and accept this new phase of their lives. The programme’s holistic approach also incorporates effective social interventions that give them hope and keep the mind and body active. Through a broad range of interest-based engagements rooted in scientific principles for memory, attention and communication, EmbrACE provides opportunities for PWDs and MCI to be meaningfully engaged in a lifestyle that prevents cognitive decline and celebrating this new phase of life with their families and loved ones.

Home Engagement – Brain Bustle Activity Guide

The Brain Bustle Activity Guide provides tools and resources for continuous learning that encourages PWDs and MCI and their families and loved ones to act on and apply their knowledge gained through EmbrACE sessions. These tools and resources are therapeutic in nature and will encourage PWDs, PMCIs and their caregivers to apply what they have learnt to their lives in a beneficial way.

Benefits of EmbrACE

  • Quality interest-based engagement from the comfort of home
  • Encourages continuous learning and mindful living
  • Therapeutic activities enhance well-being
  • Opportunities for socialisation
  • Cognitive stimulation
  • Encourages healthy lifestyle


  • Sessions will take place two weekday mornings in a week (Tuesdays and Fridays)
  • 1 unique session with a repeat session later in the week.
  • 2h per session

Find out more about EmbrACE sessions here.

Therapy Through Work (TTW)

Empowering persons with young onset and early-stage dementia, as well as persons with mild cognitive impairments (MCI) to continue meaningful employment through therapeutic work-like activities.

EmbrACE @ CM Glow

A lifestyle programme that aims to cultivate a safe, inclusive and stimulating environment at home through virtual interest-based therapeutic engagements, while supporting caregivers and family members in creating special moments and treasured memories for all.

Caregiver Mastery

A complementary initiative that enthuses caregivers of PWDs and MCI towards mastery with attention to self-care, confidence and sense of self to view caregiving as a gift, not a burden.

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