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Mdm Ng Siew Moey, also affectionately known as Annie, is the youngest of 8 siblings. Being the youngest has instilled her to be independent financially at an early age, working various jobs before she got married and stopped working. Due to various personal circumstances, she was admitted to various hospitals before calling the Lodge ‘Home’ since 2013.

At the Lodge, Mdm Ng follows her preferred daily routine that is planned by her Living Well Plan Ambassador. She starts her day with breakfast and a refreshing shower before participating in the daily morning group exercise. After which, Mdm Ng takes the initiative to participate in activities of her choice.

As a resident in our Supported Living Homes, Mdm Ng’s favourite activity is “Sweet Reminiscence”, which incorporates cognitive simulation and reminiscence. Using curated artifacts, Mdm Ng excitedly shares stories of her childhood to fellow residents as she recalls her past. Other times, Mdm Ng is meaningfully engaged in Namaste Care, an approach that focuses on loving touches and sensory stimulation. She enjoys pampering herself with loving hand massages from staff in a soothing and tranquil environment.


Knowing that Mdm Ng enjoys hands-on craft works, the staff delegates some of the craft making duties for festive seasons to her. These crafts are then displayed around her Home, providing her a sense of ownership in co-creating an emotionally safe and secure Home.

Throughout her stay in the Lodge, Mdm Ng is able to maintain her independence through the use of assistive devices such as the forearm roller to ambulate around the Home. Moreover, she has built great rapport with fellow residents in Daisy Home. She takes the initiative to care and watch out for the wellbeing of others, ensuring that they have taken their meals with no one left out. The Lodge’s nurturing community space provides an environment for Mdm Ng to foster deeper social interactions. This was evident as Mdm Ng attained the highest level of social engagement (RISE) on her recent interRAI assessment.

With the help of a homely and enabling environment in the Lodge, Mdm Ng continues to thrive and unleash her potential as she makes the most out of her days at the Lodge.

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