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Respecting and maintaining the dignity of Mdm Ang Sew Chu

An endearing and loving grandmother, Mdm Ang took pride in caregiving duties of her two grandchildren when she was still physically active. It therefore comes as no surprise that the love she showers on those around her is humbly reciprocated by her family and care staff at the Lodge. Mdm Ang has called the Lodge home for over ten years and treats her fellow residents and care staff as family.

When the Lodge underwent extensive refurbishments to transform the environment in 2017, Mdm Ang had to be transferred to another nursing home. Her family recognized the importance of nurturing a familiar, physically and emotionally safe space for Mdm Ang and made arrangements for her to return to her Tender Loving Care (TLC) home once transformation works were complete. The familial bonds cultivated between Mdm Ang and her care staff at the Lodge were undeniable.

Upon her return to the Lodge, care staff noted that Mdm Ang was less alert and responsive. She required assistance during meals and her eyes were kept close most of the time. In line with the TLC vision of creating a Therapeutic Sanctuary with Loving Connections, Mdm Ang was enrolled in then-pilot programme, Namaste Care. Namaste Care is an evidence-based, multisensory approach designed to stimulate the senses of persons with dementia in advanced stages through a series of personalized activities.

During Namaste Care sessions, care staff made sure to awaken Mdm Ang’s senses through loving touches massages, soothing music and aromatic stimulation. Gradually, Mdm Ang began to open her eyes more frequently, even communicating her aspirations to staff through gestures and sounds. With newfound alertness, she regained independence in feeding herself and engaged in meaningful activities with fellow residents. Based on clinical assessments, Mdm Ang’s overall health and wellbeing have improved, testament to the great love, respect and dignity the care staff have provided for her. For Mdm Ang, this is home, truly.

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