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Therapy Through Work For People With Young Onset & Early Stage Dementia (TTW YES)

This program focuses on individuals with young onset dementia (diagnosed before the age of 65) and those who are at an early stage of dementia.

Upon being diagnosed with dementia, many individuals are forced to give up their regular activities, and even terminated from their employment, leading to a loss of livelihood, as well as shrinking social network.

The availability of structured services to meet the unique needs of people with young onset/ early stage dementia is also limited as community services are often catered for the elderly. Hence, many spend most of their time at home, becoming dependent on caregivers despite still being capable to do a lot more.

Our ‘Therapy through Work for Young Onset and Early Stage Dementia (TTW YES)’ program, with the intent to tap on work as a form of therapy ,with the support of caregivers, members of community and institutions aims to bridge this gap by educating, providing support, and tapping on existing community resources to enable clients to continue to work, live well and integrate with community for as long as possible.


Our Vision

  • Support people with young onset and early stage dementia to live well, with good quality of life through occupational involvement of lives.
  • Empowering them to access resources in the community such as attending classes to pursue their interests
  • Provide naturalised respite care and coping strategies to care-givers
  • Possibility to co-create an inclusive and accessible employment model
  • Create a dementia-respectful workforce and community through partnership with like-minded business partners

Our Clients

Our clients come from all walks of life. What set them apart is their passion to work, openness in trying out new tasks and experiences, as well as their interest in enjoying meaningful social interactions.

In order to join the TTW YES program, candidates should possess:

  • Good physical ability and function: able to perform work tasks for at least 2 hours, and are independent in performing daily activities, such as using the toilet, eating, and walking/ ambulating.
  • Need for occupation: enjoy working, and have the need to be occupied and meaningfully engaged.
  • Emotional & Behavioural stability: in control of their emotions and able to interact and work well with the care staff and their colleagues.
  • Openness to new experience: Are open to new work experiences and learning new things.

The Program

Ongoing partnership

Orchid Laundry provide corporate dry-cleaning and laundry services to hotels, gyms and other organizations. They believe that people with young onset/ early stage dementia are still physically and cognitively able and ought to be given the opportunity to live with identity and sense of purpose with something to look forward to each day. Work employment opportunities are available every Wednesday and Friday from 10 am to 3 pm.

Our clients, accompanied by our care staff, travel to Orchid Laundry from Apex Harmony Lodge by a chartered bus. At Orchid Laundry, they proceed to engage in various work tasks.

During lunch, they are accompanied by our care staff to a nearby hawker centre where they can purchase their own meals and enjoy pleasant social interactions. Please watch the video below to learn more about our therapy through work program.



Upcoming work training and employment opportunities

  • F&B: Dignity Kitchen
  • Urban farming: Comcrop

Join Us!

If you know of any person with dementia who is interested to participate, please contact us at:

Be an employer partner!

We are reaching out to external partners who share our belief and are willing to employ people with young onset/ early stage dementia for them to benefit from therapy though work. For more information or to join us on this journey of empowering people with young onset/ early stage of dementia, please contact us at

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