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Therapy Through Work For People With Young Onset & Early Stage Dementia (TTW YES)



We believe persons with dementia are very capable of contributing in a positive environment with strength-based facilitation. TTW YES hence aims to provide therapy in the form of purposeful employment with our community partners. This way, individuals can continue to work and socialise in a safe environment for as long as possible, while caregivers are offered respite.

What candidates need to excel

Candidates should possess:

  • Desire for occupation
    • Enjoy working, and look forward to being occupied and meaningfully engaged.
  • Good physical ability and function
    • Able to perform work tasks for at least 2 hours, and are independent in performing daily activities, including using the toilet, eating, and walking/ambulating.
  • Emotional and behavioural stability
    • In control of their emotions and able to interact and work well with the care staff and their colleagues
  • Openness to new experiences
    • Are open to new work experiences, learning new things and making new friends


Apply now!

If you know of any person with dementia who is interested to participate, email Wei Xuan (, Assistant Manger, Community Care, with a doctor's letter of diagnosis.

Be a partner employer!

We are reaching out to external partners who share our belief and are willing to employ people with young onset/early stage dementia for them to benefit from naturalised therapy though work. For more information or to join us on this journey of empowering people with young onset/early stage of dementia, please contact us at

Dementia Daycare

Situated in Pasir Ris, our DDC aims to provide a holistic club experience for its members.


Empowering persons with young onset and early stage dementia to continue meaningful employment

Club memorABLE

A lifestyle club for those seeking to meet like-minded people, members can enjoy regular online engagement sessions as well as specially curated outings or tours.

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